Registration to Denco-Auction.com is completely free and reserved for professionals.
To register, simply fill out the registration form at the top right of the home page.
  • An extract, of less than 3 months, from the Register of Companies, or a registration certificate on the SIREN listing (French Identification System of the Companies Repertoire) or equivalent for foreigners.
  • A photocopy of the company director's, or of his representative's, identity card,
  • If the buyer is not the manager: purchasing proxy + copy of the bidder's identity card.

As soon as you have uploaded your official documents, Denco-Auction.com verifies the information you have provided, and sends you a confirmation e-mail once your registration is approved. This approval is called “Denco-Auction.com Pro Certification”.

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The Denco-Auction.com Pro Certification is provided by ourselves. It allows you to bid, and also to offer lots for sale.
This certification is your guarantee of conducting your auctions only with professionals, verified, authenticated and registered by Denco-Auction.com.
To get the Pro Certification, you have to be registered by Denco-Auction.com as a professional.
In order to do this, it is necessary that you provide us with the documents proving your professional status (please refer to the "How to register?" section, for which documents are required).

As soon as you have uploaded your official documents, Denco-Auction.com verifies the information you have provided, and sends you a confirmation e-mail once your registration is approved. This approval is called “Denco-Auction.com Pro Certification”.

This procedure is not arduous and you are only required to do it once, during your registration.
Once the registration confirmation email is received, you can log in to your account.

Simply click on “Login“ at the top right of the home page. Then you must fill in your login details: your email and your password.

If you can’t remember your password, click on the “Forgot Password” link in the Login insert.
A page opens; Simply fill in your email address and click on “reset password”.
An email will be sent to you that will help you reset your password.


By buying your trucks and vehicles online, you will benefit from many advantages:
  • You benefit from a large range of industrial vehicles and equipment thanks to the regular delivery.
  • You save money thanks to the lowest commission charges on the market (5% (excl. tax) of the sale price (excl. tax) of each lot (with a minimum of €100 (excl. tax) per lot)).
  • You only deal with authenticated sellers: each registration is the subject of strict controls by the Denco-Auction.com's team.
  • You can bid when you want, wherever you are Online sales at auction are accessible 24 hours a day from your computer, tablet and smartphone.
  • You make your bids worry-free, thanks to our secured payment protocols.
To participate in the auction, you must have created an account and be validated by Denco-Auction.com.
We ensure that only professionals can take part in online auctions.
Once you are connected, we ask you to provide us with a security deposit in order to confirm your solvency. This security deposit is a simple bank trace. No money will be debited from your bank account unless you win a lot.

Once you have deposited your guarantee, you get access to a current auction and you can bid on lots that interest you.

In order to make a bid, you only have to click on the button displaying "+ €XXX", which corresponds to the stage of the bid you can make. You can make as many bids as you want.
It is the ideal tool to save time and maximize your chances of winning the lots you are interested in. Denco-Auction.com allows you to place a maximum bid on one or more lots. The Denco-Auction.com bidding system automatically and only if other participants bid on the same lot as you. The auction takes place in stages, up to the maximum amount you have set, but in no case directly with the amount you have indicated.
Your purchase order can be accepted only if it is higher than the reserve price set by the seller.

It is indeed possible to modify an automatic purchase order. To change your purchase order, simply go to your My account, section «my purchase orders», and increase the amounts from your summary table.
You can also change your purchase order from the sales list, by simply placing a new automatic purchase order.

You can also modify your purchase order via the list of sales simply by making another automatic purchase order.
To memorize the lots that interest you and find them during your next visit, it’s simple.

Once connected to your My account , simply go to a sale and click on the star symbol of the lot you are interested in.

You will then find this batch, in your Account, in the «My selection» section, during your next login.

You can set e-mail alerts in order to be advised when a lot, matching your search criteria, is offered for sale.

To do this, simply connect to My account and click on "My e-mail alerts", and then on “Create an alert”.

You save your criteria and then your alert is created. You can change or delete an alert at any time.
Create an alert
The buyer has a 7 day period from the completion of the auction to pay and recover the lot.
The connection commission must be paid in its entirety to receive the seller's contact details.
Once the sale is completed, the buyer must pay the total connection commission for each lot he won. Once he has made these payments Denco-Auction.com sends him a removal order for each lot. The buyer must then contact the seller in order to organize the payment and removal of the lot.
To make the removal of your lots easier, Denco-Auction.com has a partnership with Europe-Convoyage, France's and Europe's largest conveyor of all kind of rolling vehicles.

Our partner assures you delivery within 24 to 48 hours. For more information, go to the delivery page of Denco-Auction.com.

The security deposit is a simple bank trace. Therefore, it will not be debited from your bank account if you don't win any lot, and your bank data is automatically deleted.
Nevertheless, if you win a lot, you will have to pay the connection commission, which represents 2.5% (excl. tax) of the sale price (excl. tax) for each lot you have won, with a minimum of €100 (excl. tax) per lot. Please refer to the costs for the buyer section to learn more.
Registration on Denco-Auction.com is completely free. However, in order to gain the right to take part in online auctions, we ask your to make a security deposit. This only permits the proving of your solvency. This security deposit is a simple bank trace of €100 (incl. tax).
If you don't win a lot, no sum of money will be debited from your bank account.
On the other hand, if you win one or several lots, you will have to pay the connection commission.
Should you win one or several lots:
  • If the connection commission is lower than or equal to €100 (incl. tax), Denco-Auction.com will only debit the owed amount, and then will deactivate the security deposit.
  • If the connection commission is higher than €100 (incl. tax), Denco-Auction.com will debit the security deposit in its entirety, and then you could pay, online, the outstanding amount directly at the end of the sale.

Selling at auction

In order to sell lots, it is necessary to be registered and authenticated Pro by site:Name. The placing of lots for sale is entirely free.

To sell a lot, you only have to go to My account and to click on ““Sell my lots”:/accountSale” in order to place the description of your lots online.

If you have at your disposal some computer files (Excel, CSV,…) that contain information about the lots you want to sell, you may contact our sales department on +33 3 29 30 47 75 in order to directly import your files without having to manually enter the information.
In your Pro account, click on Sell a lot and choose the type of vehicle you want to sell. Enter as many characteristics as possible to complete your ad, add pictures of the vehicle and the requested documents.
You, then, have to determine the reserve price without taxes. That means the price from which you commit to sell your vehicle.
  • Reserve price: 5000 euros excl. VAT (+5% selling expenses that automatically add up)
  • Minimum possible bid to win the lot: 5250 euros excl. tax
Beware: Clearly state if the lot is subject to VAT or not.
You can also add where your vehicle can be seen if the address is different than yours. Once your ad is online, you will receive an informative email stating that the ad is online with a recap of your lot.
By selling your industrial vehicles and equipment at auction on Denco-Auction.com, you benefit from many advantages:
  • You maximize your selling prices by capitalizing on competition from thousands of buyers.
  • You control your margins by setting the reserve price for each lot you offer for sale yourself.
  • You only deal with authenticated buyers. Denco-Auction.com is only dedicated to professionals. Each registration is the subject of strict controls by ourselves.
  • You have no need to transport your lots anymore. Descriptions are recorded online, and Denco-Auction.com simplifies the placing on sale by offering to import your Excel or CSV files.
  • You reduce your stock of industrial vehicles and equipment, and speed up your turnover rate thanks to weekly sales organized by Denco-Auction.com.
  • You are a guaranteed winner. The sales costs (5% (excl. tax) of the sale price (excl. tax), with a minimum of €100 (excl. tax) per lot) are paid 100% by the buyer.
Selling lots at auction.
No, there are not any costs to the seller. The connection commission is paid by the buyer.