Why buying at auction on Denco-Auction.com?

With Denco-Auction.com, you get access to a selection of the best offers matching your business sector and you will save money.
100% specialized web auctions
100% specialized web auctions

Regular sales of trucks, vans and construction equipment selected from professional sellers.

Best market prices

The lowest commission rate on the market. (5% (excl. tax) of the sale price (excl. tax) with a minimum of €0 (excl. tax) per lot).

Authenticated sellers

Denco-Auction.com is only dedicated to professionals. Our team checks thoroughly each registration.

Optimized displays
Optimized displays

Sales at online auction are accessible 24 hours a day from your computer, tablet and smartphone.

Security and Confidentiality

Auctions on Denco-Auction.com are entirely confidential and protected by secured payment protocols.

Delivery within 24 to 48 hours

Our partner Europe Camions Convoyage offers you a delivery service for rolling vehicles (prices estimated on each delivery)

How to buy at auction on Denco-Auction.com?

With Denco-Auction.com, it is simple to buy your trucks, vans and construction equipment at auction!
Step 1 - Registration
Register online It is quick and easy!
Step 2 - Auctions
Win lots by bidding online
Step 3 - Connection
Pay the fees and get sellers' contact details
Step 4 - Collection and Removal of lots won
You can collect your lots as soon as the price has been paid to the seller

How much does registration cost on Denco-Auction.com?

Prices displayed online include all sales costs. No extra costs will be charged to you. Our prices are all inclusive, with no surprise!

Registration on Denco-Auction.com is free. You will be granted access to your account and allowed to use individualized search tools, follow your auctions and find lots you have won.

To take part in online auctions, you must arrange a security deposit of €0 (incl. tax). This deposit will not be debited from your account unless you win a lot. This security deposit is a simple bank trace which is automatically deleted after the conclusion of the auction.

In the case that you win one or several lots, your security deposit will be used to pay the purchasing fees (5% (excl. tax) of the sale price (excl. tax) of each won lot, with a minimum of €0 (excl. tax) per lot). Each displayed price includes the purchasing fees.

  • If the sales costs are lower than or equal to €0 (incl. tax), Denco-Auction.com shall only debit the amounts owed, then will deactivate the security deposit.

  • If the sales costs are higher than €0 A.T.I, Denco-Auction.com shall debit the security deposit in its entirety, and request you pay online the outstanding amount in order to be granted access to sellers’ contact details